Setting Up JenRx to be Used on Multiple Computers

The steps below outline how to set up JenRx to be used on multiple computers within a network:

  1. Connect all the computers using a wired router with Ethernet cables or a wireless router with WiFi
  2. Download and install JenRx Main App on only one (1) of the computers following the Installation guide
  3. Download and install JenRx Client App on all of the other computers
  4. The installation of the Main and Client Apps will be in the manner demonstrated below:

  5. Launch the JenRx Main App on the first and only computer where it was installed in step 2
  6. Launch the JenRx Client Apps on the other computers where they were installed in step 3
  7. Input the Server Name onto the JenRx Client Apps on the other computers and click the Connect button

    The Server Name refers to the Computer Name of the computer where JenRx Main App is installed
    Check out this Microsoft’s guide to learn how to get the Computer Name: Do you need help locating your computer name? – Microsoft Support

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