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Inventory can be added to the transaction by following the steps below:
  • Select the inventory by searching for the name of the inventory or scanning the inventory’s barcode
  • Input the quantity
  • Input the dose if it is a prescription
  • Select the regimen if it is a prescription
  • Click the “Add to Cart” button
  • The cart is populated with the details


The cart displays the transaction details of the on-going transaction. The quantity, dose (if it is a prescription) and regimen (if it is a prescription) of each inventory can be updated from the cart.


Clinicals display medical information about the inventory in the transaction. It provides information on drug interactions and drug overdose based on the cart’s inventory doses and regimens.
This feature is powered by ProSynapses.

Complete Transactions

The on-going transaction can be completed by filling in the details below:
  • Customer (Optional)
  • Discount (Optional)
  • Paid (Required, and, must be equal to or greater than the Total after Discount and Tax has been applied)
  • Payment (Required)
  • Tax (Optional)
  • Additional Clinical Information (Optional)

Once the “Complete Transaction and Print Receipt” button is clicked, the transaction is saved and a receipt will pop up which can be optionally printed. Both thermal and regular printers are supported.

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